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Student Forum for Health and Social Justice 2011

Student Forum for Health and Social Justice 2011

On Sunday, September 25th, Alpha Epsilon Delta helped to organize the Student Forum for Health and Social Justice along with a group of summer interns from Partners in Health. This conference brought together student activists and speakers from many disciplines to discuss global advocacy efforts and the ways in which students can access and affect the mechanisms that influence change in global health.

Many prominent speakers from Partners in Health and its praxis network joined the forum and lent their views to the conference. The forum featured a health-experts panel, a student panel, and breakout sessions. From large scale policy change efforts to every day individual activism, panelists explored pertinent issues in the field of global health.

Global Health Experts Panel

Dr. Peter Drobac, Opening Speaker

Workers dig at the work site of a new hospital in rural Rwanda.

Student panelists lead discussion about global health advocacy

Student Breakout Session

Dr. Pierre Paul, the closing speaker

Students wrap up the conference

Students Participate in the breakout session.