AED New Member Luncheon

As the new year and the new semester begins, AED again increases its ranks with new members. The New Member Luncheon officially welcomes new provisional members into the organization. It is an opportunity for provisional members to get to know one another as well as the AED leadership. We’d like to officially welcome Thomas Azeizat, Merilyn Baby, Isabel Balachandran, Leah Beland, Jennifer Brennan, Brendon Coop, Nisha Dhawlikar, Ludovica DiGaetno, Natasha Dilwali, Victoria Harvey, Cam-Le Dung, Vincent Mariano, Pavan Mehat, Keiko Okuda, Sherry Prasad, Hannah Putnam, Tova Ramelson, Yu Sakai, Aditya Sengupta, Sunjay Sethi, Nishant Shah, Shyam Shah, Sushi Subburas, David Swain, Benjamin Szewczyk, Nela Tatur, Grace Thole, Arielle Valdez, and Kimberly Wong as provisional members of the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta.

We’d also like to welcome two new members of our Executive Board:

Keiko Okuda, Social Chair

Aditiya Sengupta, Professional Chair


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